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hi ya

apt-get install raidtools2

check /etc/raidtab  ( aka /etc/raid5.conf )
	- make sure your dvices is defined properly

make sure your 2.4.x kernel has raid5 defined as modules or compiled in
	- think the last time we did a min debian install
	you will also need the "xor" package

make sure you have a  boot media in case raid fails

--- save your data to a different system before experimenting
    and moving stuff to raid5

reboot... magic... it should all work the 1st time ...

if you need a list of raid commands...

have fun raiding
http://www.1U-Raid5.net ...

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, axacheng wrote:

> sorry........   
> i want to do SOFTWARE RAID5
> i known a tool named "raidtools"
> Everybody knows a document about raidtool?  ;-)

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