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Is mysql 3.2x stable enough for HA requirement?


I am planing to have some woody with mysql-server running on a
mission-critical environment. My criteria is:

1. HA requirement:
By using mysql built-in replication, I'd like to have a load-balancing
and fail-over mysql clusters

2. minimal data loss risk
How much can mysql 3.2x guarentee the minimization of data loss?

3. InnoDB and MyISAM impact on performance and management?
Since we need transaction, InnoDB is the only choice. Is there any
performance or management impact between InnoDB and MyISAM?
Is InnoDB reliable enough for productive environment?

Any experience highly appreciated.

Patrick Hsieh <pahud@pahud.net>

GPG public key http://pahud.net/pubkeys/pahudatpahud.gpg

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