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Re: cold fusion 4.5 on Debian

we have coldfusion 4.5/5.0 up&running on debian sinces some time now (2 years i think) .....no problems except it's expensive......very... Development time of applications is rather short..the language is self can be learned very quickly, with the 5.0 is finally getting mature... we started with cf on solaris at version 3.0 i think...and it sucked back then...lot of server load problems, performance issues etc.
Seems to be the past....

If i recall there was one redhat lib package we had to alien to a deb package and after that it was simply running the install script, no redhat nasty's in there. We never tried the clustercats software coming with the coldfusion server software..but the coldfusion server itself is ok.


At 08:47 AM 3/22/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Is anyone running Cold Fusion 4.5 on Debian ?

People in my organization are looking at Cold Fusion for it's advertised simplicity.

I prefer sticking with Debian.

Are there any other simple packages that I might recommend as a dummy
proof alternative ?



Cold-Fusion Server 4.5.1 Installation and configuration on Debian
GNU/Linux 2.2

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