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Re: RAID 0 risky ?

> Some RAID cards are substantially slower at RAID 5 than 0/1/0+1.  The
> 3ware ATA RAID boards are excellent, for example, except at RAID 5.
> They now produce a couple of boards with more CPU power or different
> ASICs, or whatever, to make up for this shortfall.  But they are more
> expensive.
> IIRC the 7x10 series is quite slow at RAID 5, but the 7x50 series
> improved upon this greatly.  My source is www.storagereview.com, though,
> I do not use any of their newer RAID 5 boards.

I hear the latest 3ware 7.4 firmware upgrade has increased the performance
of RAID5 quite a bit by optimizing the read/write alogrithm. Not that I've
upgraded any of our servers... we're still on 7.3.2 (or whatever the last
7.3.x was). We'll wait till maybe 7.4.1 or until no one complaints of bugs

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