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[OT] Re: AVI stream


On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Chris Wagner wrote:

> You mentioned copyright issues.  It is impossible to keep someone from
> stealing *any* streamed content if they're determined.  It wouldn't take
> much for someone to take apart your asx file and copy the URL into their
> browser and simply download it.

> But like I said before, it is flat out impossible to safeguard
> streamed media from a true hacker. :) So all you will really be doing
> is keeping away the casual thief.  That goes for Real Player too.  So
> how many in your audience are going to think to look in %temp% for a
> copy of this??

I really object to the idea that I am a "thief" if I want to view the
streamed content again, or show it to my wife, or if I want to convert
it to format Foo for display with player Bar which I happen to like a

You publish or broadcast content, and that means the recipient can do
with it whatever she damn well pleases as long as she doesn't
redistribute it publically.

But the idea that it's 'illegal' and 'thievery' to refuse to follow
publisher's random unilaterally imposed restrictions of how the content
should be viewed is bull.

As long as the viewer doesn't violate copyright, he can do whatever. If
you don't like that, don't publish it.

It looks like the DMCA's brainwashing is already taking effect if people
are already starting to believe it's "wrong" if you don't do as your
told by the content owner. Sigh.



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