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Re[2]: AVI stream

I think it doesn't matter to me, I can convert it to something else.

But I need to be able stream the same video for RealPlayer and Windows
Media Player, of course using two different formats (for RP & WMP).

I found some mpeg streaming tools, but for $1299 :-( I need to test it
before  use it, and I can't spend that much... and I don't know if WMP
can play that streamings...

Any other possibilities?

Michal Novotny

18. března 2002 20:09:26, Dave Smith <dave.s@earthcorp.com> pise:

> You will never be able to stream AVI. It is unstreamable. You will want to
> stream ASF or MPEG. As to how to do that, I will leave to someone else.

> Dave Smith

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>> From: Michal Novotny [mailto:debian@prolidi.cz]
>> Sent: 18 March 2002 10:30
>> To: debian-isp@lists.debian.org
>> Subject: AVI stream
>> Hello!
>> Is there a chance to stream avi/wma file from Debian box?
>> For now I'm using RealServer for Linux, but (for clients) I need to add
>> support for Windows Media Player (standard player in MS Windows) :-(
>> I cannot use download, but stream. Copyright issues...
>> Could anyone help me?
>> Regards
>> Michal Novotny
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