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Re: upgrading just one "stable" package to "testing" version

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 11:03:51AM +1100, Toby Thain wrote:
> I've just upgraded one Debian 2.2 machine from stable to testing and 
> other 2.2 stable machines can't ssh into it ("Disconnecting: Bad 
> packet length 1349676916"). So I'd like to upgrade ssh on the client 
> machine to the "testing" version. But I don't know how to do this 
> other than adding "testing" to the apt-get sources, dselect upgrade, 
> etc., which will upgrade everything. Can anyone explain to me how to 
> be more selective?

I'm not sure how this related to debian-isp but anyway you could add
testing to your sources.list and do:
apt-get update && apt-get -u install ssh

Then either take it out again or create an /etc/apt/preferences file
with something along the lines of:
Package: *
Pin: release a=testing
Pin-Priority: 50

Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia
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