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Hey debisps and whatnot,

I need to migrate some mailboxes in standard mbox format from a solaris
box+sendmail to a Debian qmail+vpopmail solution....

I had  never seen this sendmail mbox format in this way (until i
stfw).... im shure though, that youll immediatly recognize it:


/mnt/[n-z]/[a-z]/auser.foo  (for foo.bar)

This should, of course, be converted to maildir+vmailmgr format which
goes (as you know):



Now.... the sole mbox's filename is not enough to build the proper
vpopmail boxes (through a script) now, we are talking of about 15gigs of
mail here and, of course, I need a script to do this.....

No problem, i can script that and have many mbox2maildir tools available
(in perl its 10 lines).....

The problem is that I dont know in which of sendmail's many files can i
find a direct mapping:

auser@foo.bar	unixusername (auser.foo)
anotheruser@lee.net	unixusername (anotheruser.lee)

Or a way to generate such a thing.....if i had this, i could script this
in ten minutes, and have the conversion done in an hour tops.....The
confusion arrises from the fact that im not shure if auser.foo and
auser.foo.bar (from say auser@foo.bar.net) are the same guy, or go to
the same domain or whatever!.. if i dont have a table as that explained
above..... Let alone that....i cant get the endings of their domains....
for auser.foo and auser.foo.bar ....how can i tell which is foo.bar.net
and which is foo.bar ...for that matter, how the hell do i create the
vmailmgr's directories if i dont know (for real) how the domains should

Any ideas from those sendmail gurus out there??? 



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