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Re: [Off-Topic] Two class C networks

On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 05:53:52PM -0300, Jordi S. Bunster wrote:
> Hello list. This is probably off-topic, though is Debian in an ISP
> environment. I don't know. Problem follows:
> I've got a Debian box acting as a webserver at a small ISP here, and
> connection is a 1mbps fiber link. They've given us a full Class C network
> for some other purposes. But we're planning on switching bandwidth provider,
> and the new one already brought his link and router.
> The thing is, I've put a second network card, and I've attached it to the
> server. The new router is on a different hub. I can use this new link if I
> use my Debian box to connect to somewhere in the world, say mit.edu. But
> people from outside cannot reach me using this new IP address.
> I know this is because of the entry "gateway" in /etc/network/interfaces.
> This come trough the new router, but it wants to reply using the gateway,
> which is the old router.
> How can I properly have both network cards and both IPs, and be able to be
> found by both of them? I'm really puzzled here. Thanks for any help, and
> sorry for being so off-topic. Oh, and I'm not subscribed to the list, so
> please Cc: to jsb@expert.com.br, ok?


If your "old" ISP is blocking the outgoing packets with the "new"
source addresses, then your best solution is probably to implement
source-routing via the tools in the "iproute" package.

The configuration can get pretty complex, depending on what you need
to do, so you probably want to check out the Advanced Routing HOWTO:


Hope this helps,


Wayne A. Tucker - wtucker@donobi.com
Network Engineer, Donobi Inc.

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