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Re: RE : BGP4/OSPF routing daemon for Linux? Hardware?

The main question is to know what you'll do with your BGP. Will this
be connected to the internet and get the full Routing Table ? If yes,
plan to get a decent amount of memory (i'd go for 256Mo of memory). 
Cpu wise, if you have to switch 100Mo full duplex, you'll need some
ressources to handle it, so dont plan on a too small one. 
So, at the end, a standard Off the market PC should be ok as the actual
configs are quite impressive now.

Hope that help,



On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 10:48:46AM +0100, Anders Gjære wrote:
> what hardware is nessesary to run a bgp/zebra router on i386-platform, 
> routing a 100mbit line?
> mvh
> anders gjære
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