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Re: Stupid question maybe.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 05:24:48PM +0100, Nicolas Bouthors wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is my trouble : I'm working on machine A and I want to 'rsync' some
> files to machine C. Machine C is on another (private) net,
> unreachable from machine A.
> Machine B is in the between and is only reachable by ssh. 
> So if I want to rsync from A to B, rsync -e ssh /some/dir B:/some/dir is
> enough, but what should I do to go straight fro A to C ? 

I see two possible solutions :

- launch rsync on machine B. From machine A, this would look like :

ssh <machine B> "rsync --rsh=ssh <machine C>:/some/dir <machine A>:/some/dir"

- or try to forward the ssh connection :

rsync --rsh="ssh <machine B> ssh" <machine C>:/some/dir /some/local/dir

I tested this second solution, and I can't see how to make ssh ask the
second password (for machine C). It complains it has no controlling
tty. It works well if you setup your ssh to connect without passwords
from B to C, however (by trusting keys).

Axialys Interactive

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