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MacOS, Debian router and ADSL/PPPoE (OT Net Tuner does not work for HTTP)

I have a Debian router which connects to an ADSL/PPPoE line (therefore
with a PPP interface and a MTU of 1492).

Behind it are Linux machines, MS-Windows boxes and MacOS toys, all
NATed (i have only one IP address) by Netfilter/iptables (router
kernel is 2.4.7). The two first categories have no problem surfing the
Web without a proxy, getting big files with FTP, SSHing to remote
machines, etc. But the MacOS machines can only use protocols like FTP,
SSH, NNTP, no HTTP. Web pages (unless I go through a proxy, of course)
are not retrieved except if they are very small (like Google's home

It seems clearly MTU-related. But the Mac does have OT Net Tuner
<URL:http://www.sustworks.com/site/prod_ottuner.html> and the MTU has
been set to 1492 (like it is on the Linux and MS-Windows computers).

Is there another trick for PPPoE? A trick which seems specific to FTP.

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