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QMAIL question

List Gurus,

I am running QMAIL for my work and the boffins above me have decided
to start using Exchange Server for the corporate email.  They like the
"extra" functionality.  Anyway, the username convention is changing 

id@one-domain.com.au   to    first.last@new-domain.com

I am being slack with not yet reading the QMAIL doco and From: re-write
rules but is there a quick way to tack on a short few lines onto the 
end of all outbound mail ( like an autoresponder ) to advise of the imminent
change in addressing before the domain one-domain.com.au gets decommissioned.
If someone has seen this or done this please email.

I have seen similar functionality for scanning for viruses on incoming 
emails and rewriting the To: address ( using qmail-scanner ) but is there
something similar say in PERL for the outbound mail?  Is this question
better answered on the QMAIL mailing lists?

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