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Re: user traffic accounting

Just a quick thought, as it says on the website:

> User Mode Linux virtual machines are networkable,
> to each other, to the host, and to other physical
> machines.  So, UML can be used to set up a virtual
> network that allows setting up and testing of
> experimental services.


Maybe this allows accounting of the vm's, too.
I remember a project here where BSD was used in
a similar way and every virtual machine had it's
own IP.


martin f krafft <madduck@madduck.net> 7 Jan 2002, at 14:26:

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> hi folks,
> please direct me to some documentation on ways to account
> for user traffic on a single machine, acting as BIND9,
> apache, postfix, and sshd server for a number of users. i
> need to get as close as possible to exact traffic volume
> measurements to do proper billing, and (unfortunately), i
> can't use an upstream router for that.
> i want to account for total traffic, which includes the
> following challenges:
>   - Shell: every user has ssh access. i need to be able to
>   keep track
>     of every byte coming in and out of sshd, but also any
>     data sent to or received from the internet while using
>     the shell account.
>   - HTTP: a user has zero or more domains hosted on the
>   system, all
>     request and response volume should be added to that
>     users accounting data.
>   - Mail: any mail that the user receives should be
>   byte-counted. the
>     same applies to mail sent from the user account via
>     sendmail, mail sent via port 25, and mail relayed (TLS
>     client authentication).
>   - BIND: c.f. with HTTP, basically the same applies.
>  =20
> if you ask me, this sounds like a horrible task. any tips
> from the ISP experts?
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