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Re: Best way to duplicate HDs


It was already sort of pointed out by other people, that your
situation can probably handlead easier by dividing it in to tasks:

- fast recovery from data damage

- prevention of changes made by hackers/virus

each of which can be better handled by individual aproaches.

While the former has been addressed (three HD's in Software Raid-1
configuration), the second also has some rather easy to setup

You can for example setup Cfengine on your network, and monitor/fix
critical files from a CD.  This is similar to tripwire, but "better"
(as of the authors of Cfengine):

You make a copy of your sane binaries and configuration files and burn it
to a CD (or a HD on a [well protected] backup server!! :).

You setup cfengine so it will check each hour or so the integrity of
the files on your production server with respect to the backup, and
overwrites any encountered modified file - this part is almost
trivial: name the file/directory and cfengine will do the job for

When your system crashes you recover from the spare Raid HD. Cfengine
will automatically put everything straight if it would not comply with
the backup server.

Best Regards,


On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 06:40:39AM +0800, Jason Lim wrote:
> Except that I've pointed out already that we're specifically NOT looking
> at a live RAID solution. This is a backup drive that is suppose to be
> synced every 12 hours or 24 hours.
> The idea being that if there is a virus, a cracker, or hardware
> malfunction, then the backup drives can be immediately pulled out and
> inserted into a backup computer, and switch on to provide immediate
> restoration of services (with data up to 12 hours old, but better than
> having up-to-date information that may be corrupted or "cracked" versions
> of programs).

P.D.: I like cfengine a lot, however, I have never (had the chance to)
      try this aproach out.  I can only dream of 60G HD's :)

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