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RE: Email filtering

Be sure this is at the top of your .procmailrc:


Then put a line like this:

# phpusers
* ^To:.*sempug@yahoogroups.com

That will basically filter any email on this group to a IMAP box called


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From: Dave Smith [mailto:dave.s@earthcorp.com] 
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2001 11:33 AM
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Subject: Email filtering

I am planing on using fetchmail to get my emails from a single email
account at my ISP and to split those emails up depending on who it is
addressed to. With that, I have no problem. What I also wish to do is
deliver the emails to a cyrus IMAP server, sorting the emails into
folders on the IMAP server. What sort of setup would I need to do this?

I currently have procmail, fetchmail and cyrus IMAP.

For example, if an email comes addressed to user dave, it would be
checked against a table, and then would be filtered to a folder in the
dave account. I am presuming this is possible?


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