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Re: Mailinglist software recommendations?

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Marcel Hicking wrote:

> Hi folks
> could anyone recommend a mailinglist software for
> several small to medium sized mailinglists (say,
> from very few to maybe a thousand or so subscribers)?
> I would need
> a) The mailingslist software (obviously)
> b) Some admin web interface for the guys going
> to use and feed the lists. Need to be able to add lists,
> see and modify subscribers. And, if possible, write and
> post mails to the list via the web itnerface, too.
> c) A web interface to (un)subscribe to lists (which I
> could probably do myself ;-)
> Subscribers should not be able to post to the list in
> general, but having this optional for each list would
> be nice to have.
> Is there anythinglike this packaged for Debian?

Try Mailman, it can do all the things you asked.


Teun Vink - teun@moonblade.net - icq: 15001247 - http://teun.moonblade.net

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