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Re: trouble ticket system

Matt Fair <matt@netasol.com> writes:

> Would would be the best trouble ticket system to use?

We use a home rolled ticket system (http://www.starnix.com/banal/dl/dev/),
tickets automatically created when clients email us, tickets
semi-automatically assigned to projects, tickets can be fully manipulated
through email client, web client, and command line client. The server, web
client and command line clients are written in perl, the email client we use
is GNUS (Emacs) with our own lisp ticketting extensions.  Time is
automatically tracked when using the email client and timesheets are
automaticly generated from these tickets.  Invoices, contact info, etc.
Basically it does everything for us, highly scriptable through command line
for generating custom reports.

Free for the taking, the learning curve may not be gentle though.  RPMS only
for now (sorry).

Fraser Campbell <fraser@starnix.com>                          Starnix Inc.
Telephone: (905) 771-0017                       Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
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