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Re: customizing debian apache

I think your method is very wise. But after I download the apache source
by "apt-get source apache", how can I rename the package so that I can
build my cusmomized .deb packages?

Usually, I'll dpkg-source -x <package-name>.dsc, then
cd <package-name-dir>
dpkg-buildpackages -uc -us -rfakeroot

This will build .deb packages, right?
But what files or directories should I rename?

My suggestion:

apt-get source apache

rename the package, to something like apache-cmore
edit the debian/control to have it "Provide" apache, and "Conflicts"
with apache.

Yes, this is still harder to maintain with new versions, but it is still
fairly tidy. An alternative would be patching suexec to accept a run-time
path (from what I gather, this is non-trivial)

Patrick Hsieh--<pahud@pahud.net>

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