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Re: migration from FreeBSD 4.4 to Debian 2.2r4

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Patrick Hsieh wrote:

> If I don't want to use MD5 in my linux box, is it possible to migrate
> the account/password?

> > > How can I transfer the account/password from FreeBSD to Debian?
> > > I may be wrong, but I remember FreeBSD uses MD5 passwd encryption while
> > > Debian default does not. In this case, how can I migrate the
> > > account/password from FreeBSD to Linux? Is there any thing I should keep
> > > in mind?

If your original passwords are in MD5, but you don't want to use MD5 then
you are out of luck. (Unless you want to waste a lot of time running some
password crackers.)

In addition, the BSD master.passwd file is a different format than the
Linux shadow + passwd file. You will need to convert this over. Look at
the relevant manual pages.

If you really don't want to use MD5 for your shadow file, then you can
write some login/pop3d/whatever code that grabs the plain-text password
(compares the MD5) and then regenerates a new hash.

(For your information, I have moved BSD master.passwd files to Linux a few
times. And also from Linux to BSD.)

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