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High UIDs on Debian


  What is the trick to get more than 2^16 uids working on all services in potato??

  I'm using kernel 2.4.14, libc6 compiled with 2.4.7 headers, lib(pam|nss)-ldap
  openldap, wu-imap, cuci-pop, samba, telnet, ssh...

  'id' and 'getent passwd user-with-high-uid' both return the right uid (which 
is stored on the ldap system), but 'ls -l' truncates the uid if it's higher than
65536 (say for uid  80000, it reports  14464), and both ssh and telnet deny
logins because setuid() invalidates a >16 bit interger as argument.

   What should I recompile??  is there an easy workaround??


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