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Problem with Portslave

Title: Problem with Portslave

        Hi there,

        I am new with portslave, and I cannot resolv a problem :((

        I have a Cyclades PC400 pri isdn card. I want to telnet from my windows machine to my linux+portslave box, and get the prompt of my pc400 like if I use "cu -l /dev/ttyCM31", that is, configure portslave like a console server, is it?.

        This is my config:

all.locallogins yes
all.facility    2
all.filterdir   /etc/portslave/filters

all.debug       1
all.authtype    none
all.radnullpass yes
all.authhost1   localhost
all.accthost1   localhost
all.radtimeout  3
all.secret      testing123

all.protocol    socket_server

all.mtu         1500
all.socket_port         7001+

all.issue       \n\
                Portslave Internet Services\n\
     Welcome to terminal server %h port S%p \n\

all.syswtmp     yes
all.porttype    async
all.speed       9600
all.initchat    TIMEOUT 10 \
                ABORT "NO CARRIER" \
                ABORT VOICE \
                "" \d\l\dATZ \
                OK\r\n-ATZ-OK\r\n "\c" \
                TIMEOUT 3600 \
                RING "\c" \
                STATUS Incoming %p:I.HANDSHAKE \
                "" ATA \
                TIMEOUT 75 \
                CONNECT@ "\c" \
                STATUS Connected %p:I.HANDSHAKE
all.flow        none
all.dcd         yes
all.autoppp     proxyarp modem asyncmap 0 %i: \
                noipx noccp login auth require-pap refuse-chap \
                mtu %t mru %t \
                ms-dns ms-dns \
                plugin /usr/lib/libpsr.so
all.pppopt      proxyarp modem asyncmap 0 %i:%j \
                noipx noccp \
                mtu %t mru %t \
                netmask %m idle %I maxconnect %T \
                ms-dns ms-dns \
                plugin /usr/lib/libpsr.so

s1.tty          ttyCM31
s1.authtype     none

        when I do a telnet, I get this message:

telnet localhost 7001
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
portslave: standard input is not a tty
Connection closed by foreign host.

        Any ideas??

        thx in advance.

Javier Castillo Alcíbar - castillo@alhsys.com
Alhambra Systems, S.A. - www.alhsys.com
c/Albasanz 14, 28037 Madrid
Tel.:  +34 91 787 23 00
Fax.: +34 91 787 23 01

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