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RE: Problems using quotas on large file systems.

It only starts up on boot.  I think I will have it just run in the
background. Good idea.

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it runs the quota check before you reboot, or as it comes back up or both?

if both, you shouldn't run it when you shutdown.  only when you start it 
up.  and when you start it, run it in the background.  that way the 
other processes can start and you can get on your merry way. ;)

Bender, Jeff wrote:

> I have a 20G drive and I have turned quotas on.  When I run quotacheck
> manually it takes a really long time.  Lets say about 20 minutes.
> Therefore, when I reboot the system it takes 20 Minutes to perform the
> "Checking Quotas" script.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get
> this or am I doing something wrong?

Joe Ellis

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