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Re: rogue Chinese crawler

Martin WHEELER <mwheeler@startext.co.uk> writes:

> Is anyone else having problems with the robot from
>      openfind.com.tw
> -- an intrusive, irritating, hard-to-get-rid-of crawler that completely
> paralyses my system *every day*?

Nope. How does it paralyse you, anyway?

> Despite what I put in any robots.txt, this one disregards all rules and
> just jams up my system, downloading every damn' thing in sight. Mails to
> the owners are totally disregarded.
> Anyone know of a sure-fire robot killer under woody?

`iptables -s openfind.com.tw -j MIRROR' would be favourite.

> Who should this thing be reported to to get it stopped?

jason @ openfind.com.tw, according to whois. You might also consider
finding someone at seed.net.tw or even wcg.net, to drop a mail to.

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