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Re: Sendmail Security

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Gene Grimm wrote:

> > > We have a couple sendmail servers that I have not had time to replace with
> > > other mail packages. I have tried tightening anti-spam procedures as much as > I

> > I use Exim and the Exim filter to block some "Undisclosed.Recipients".
> I don't presently have time to rebuild the mail server to transition 1500 accounts
> without interruptions, which is why I asked for a sendmail solution.

Sorry, I misunderstood your "I have not had time to replace with other
mail packages" -- I thought this "had" implied you do have time now.

Anyways, Exim is easy to install and use and test even while sendmail is
doing its job (by testing on an alternative port). Then once it works, the
down time would be less than a second when sendmail is stopped and exim
started (using standard port).

The server itself would not need to be rebuilt. In fact, if you use
Debian's Exim package, you could have the basics installed and configured
within minutes.

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