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Re: Sendmail Security

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Gene Grimm wrote:

> We have a couple sendmail servers that I have not had time to replace with
> other mail packages. I have tried tightening anti-spam procedures as much as I
> know, but how do you find information on getting rid of the ability for
> spammers to use "Undisclosed.Recipients@mail.domain.com"?

I use Exim and the Exim filter to block some "Undisclosed.Recipients".

Note that legitimate mail may contain "Undisclosed Recipients", so you may
want to make sure your rules check on other information also. For example,
I only block them when the originating mail didn't have a message ID.

I have a webpage that has some links to a variety of filters at

You may want to look at the procmail-based junkfilter.

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