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Fwd: bytelimit match (traffic shaping)

I forward this to debian-isp in case somebody is
interested... I made a patch for netfilter (iptables)
allowing to do easy traffic shaping.


I tried to make a "clean" patch of my bytelimit match.
I don't know if I've done the Right Thing (could someone
point me to the house rules for netfilter patches?),
but a tarball with patch-o-matic files, a kernel
patch, and a diff against the userland tools is available
at http://metaone.univ-mlv.fr/~skaya/ipt_bytelimit/
(it's also attached to this mail).

I would really appreciate some feedback ; we use this
bytelimit match here on a router to control the bandwidth
of a high traffic web server, and it runs fine ; I'm planning
some evolutions (RED packet dropping, IPV6 support ; and if
I'm clever enough to grok something with the conntrack code,
fair queuing), but I'd prefer to start on solid ground ...

thanks by advance.
Jerome Petazzoni <skaya@enix.org>

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