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Re: Replacing Sendmail with Exim

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, eirikdentz wrote:

> A quick question for the pros:  I'm planning to replace sendmail with
> Exim on a webserver that only uses the MTA to relay outgoing mail from
> web applications to the mail server for the domain. Based upon what I've
> read in the documentation Exim is a drop-in replacement. My question is:
> Are there any gotchas that you've run across that aren't covered in the
> official Exim documentation?

There are no "gotchas ... that aren't covered in the official Exim
documentation". The Exim spec and FAQ are extremely detailed.

It is not a drop-in replacement though. You can not use your sendmail
related configuration files with Exim. And you can not use your sendmail
log (or stats) analysis tools with Exim's logs.

Debian's packe for exim comes with a small script that can probably easily
help you build an adequate Exim configuration.

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