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Re: debian/cyclades .vs. cisco

John Hawley wrote:
> Hi.
> I just priced out a Cisco to handle multiple T1's for our Internet access.
> $15K+, ack!
> Just wondering.  Anyone have any experience using the Cyclades-PC300 boards?
> I've already converted the my network services from M$ to Debian/Linux and have
> nothing against converting our router from Ci$co if Linux can match the
> stability.

  I don't have experience with the Cyclades boards but I use Sangoma
(www.sangoma.com) cards in a POTS PIII box and it doesn't even register
a load average saturating multiple T's and multiple NICS.

  Sangoma's support has been fantastic and the box has never failed to
operate properly in over a year... for 10% of the cost of a Cisco.

 We are currently working to get it running off of a CD-ROM so that we
can eliminate the hard drive as a possible point of failure. Linux
routers are so cheap to build, you can incorporate a couple into your
network design (assuming you are running BGP or the like) and one can
fail, or be taken one out of service for maintenance, and not affect
your connectivity.

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