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Re: Mail

I use exim, which has ample documentation on how to do this. Basically,
I have a passwd.<domain> for several different domains, theres no need
for a matching shadow (unless I plan to have "real" accounts for the

Exim justmakes sure the user exists in the appropriate passwd file, and
we have a different spool dir for each domain. 

The term is "Virtual Domains" I believe, here a link to the exim docs:


Check out section 43.

Hope this helps.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 08:31:20PM -0600, Asher Densmore-Lynn wrote:
> Does anyone have the slightest clue how to host mail for multiple domains
> such that every domain has a unique namespace? Thinking about the matter, I
> realized I don't quite know how to accomplish this.
> The smallest pointer will be appreciated -- I can figure it out, I think,
> once I know where to look.
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> Asher Densmore-Lynn <jesdynf@L7.net>
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