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PPPOE setup problems


  I'm using testing, and have installed the pppoe package.

  I have followed the debian specific instructions in: 

  I tried a:

# pon dsl-provider

  This was the output from plog:

# plog
Nov 19 09:18:49 gateway pppd[402]: Serial connection established.
Nov 19 09:18:49 gateway pppd[402]: Using interface ppp0
Nov 19 09:18:49 gateway pppd[402]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/0

  In the docs, it says a succesfull connection should be:
  ppp0 <--> eth0     (not /dev/pst/0)

  It doesn't seem to make a difference whether I load the pppoe module or

  Also, I'm not sure what I should have defined in my 
  /etc/networking/interfaces file for eth0 (the interface for the DSL),
  so I commented out it's entry so it does not come up otherwise. Is
  this correct?

  Any input will be appreciated, and let me know if I can provide any
  other information to help diagnosis. Thanks.

  Nick Jennings

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