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Re: Simple web log analysis for multiple sites?

> Just a question about mod rewrite, I'm doing the same, thing Alexis, but
> have you managed to be able to point a http://toto.com (ie without the
> www) ???

Hi, if there is no special DNS record, there are 4 cases :

- it points on the default page wich is a grey page without a simple word.
  (general case, by default).
- it points on the same dir than www.toto.com , this case makes the requests
  with and without "www" to be merged all together in the per-site log.
  (just adding a line in the RewriteMap).
- it points on redirect page so the later request become www.toto.com, this
  case generate a separate log if you create a distinct dir, up to you to
  have a report on it.(if you create a distinct dir, you need to add a line
  in the RewriteMap, and a dir, and a html page) If we call this new dir
  toto.redi , then it will be ignored by the script and there won't be any
  new separate log.
- it points on another web site.

Look at the LogFormat directive with the {Host}i value in the begining.
That's what we check when splitting the general access.log.

   LogFormat "%{Host}i %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\"
   \"%{User-Agent}i\" %T %v" full

We try to limit "special cases" as much as possible, and we host only web
sites on wich we have entire control, it helps...


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