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    Hi Craig,
    first of all, I recommend you to do "apt-get -f install".......after that, try "apt-get remove mrtg" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" again.
    If you upgrade successfully, you can try install mrtg with "dpkg -i -D mrtg" and if you have problems, check "dpkg --force-help" to force the installation.

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De: Craigsc [mailto:craigsc@zdata.co.za]
Enviado el: miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2001 10:43
Para: Debian-Isp
Asunto: MRTG HELP sos

Hi guys
Just did a dist-upgrade from potato to woody, everything seemed to go fine
until MRTG, now its moaning about post installation script error :(
Have removed my old mrtg, and tried to download and install it again,
same problems :(
Any help would save lives and temporarily avert a hostage situation ;)

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