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ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found and action taken.

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has detected virus-infected attachment(s).

Sender = shawn.russell@speedfactory.net
Recipient(s) =
Subject = INI  Located: E: CAG.MSI  Package to install:.
Scanning Time = 11/13/2001 02:52:06

Action on virus found:
The attachment Windows.pif exists PE_MAGISTR.B virus. ScanMail has Deleted

Warning to recipient. ScanMail has detected a virus.

SMEX_TRI-EXCHANGE-01_MB;Postmaster;, 11/13/2001, TRI-EXCHANGE-01

shawn.russell@speedfactory.net, kcallis@c2associates.net,
alandd@mindspring.com, wolf@inity.de, debian-isp@lists.debian.org, 02:52 AM,
INI  Located: E: CAG.MSI  Package to install:.

[Windows.pif/Deleted] , <Unknown>

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