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Mailing Lists, Deux

Ok, the last mailing list question prompted me to ask a mailing list
question myself.

Here's my setup--I've got Mailman managing a bunch of lists for an
organization, and we have several lists set up to cascade to each other in
the following fashion:

Regional List --> Statewide List --> Chapter List
              +-> Statewide List --> Chapter List
                                 +-> Chapter List

Now, most individuals don't subscribe to the Regional or Statewide lists,
they subscribe to their Chapter's list.  However, when someone wants to
make a Region-wide announcement, they post it to the Region list.  Since
they're not usually a member of the region list, the message sits until I
approve it.  After that, however, comes the part I'd like to change: the
message cascades down into the statewide lists, where it sits until someone
approves it, and then it goes down to the chapter lists, where it sits
until the moderators of THOSE approve it.

What I'd like to do is have a message from the Region wide list
automagically pass through the subordinate lists, without requiring
everybody to be on every list (thus defeating the purpose of this list
structure).  I've thought about making posts to the various lists appear to
come from the list itself (since then I could add the parent list as an
authorized poster for it's child), but I like the idea of having the mail
appear to come from the person originating the message.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance!


Packy Anderson                                              packy@dardan.com

At dinner yesterday, I tried to cut myself a slice of prime rib, but it
was only divisible by itself and one.

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