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Re: Survey .. how many domains do you host? (Now RAID)

On Sat, 3 Nov 2001 00:07, Dave Watkins wrote:
> Contrary to popular belief the Highpoint chipsets are only software RAID.
> The driver uses processor time to actually do the RAID work. The chip is
> just an IDE controller. Based on that even if it isn't supported at a RAID
> level you can still use the software RAID avaliable in linux as the kernel
> has had standard IDE drivers for the highpoint for a while now

>From 2.4.13 Configure.help:
HPT366 chipset support
  HPT366 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-66.
  HPT368 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-66 RAID Based.
  HPT370 is an Ultra DMA chipset for ATA-100.

So it seems that the HPT368 RAID controller is supported - even if not in 
RAID mode.

>From 2.4.13 drivers/ide/Config.in:
dep_tristate 'Support for IDE Raid controllers' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ATARAID 
dep_tristate '   Support Promise software RAID (Fasttrak(tm))' 
dep_tristate '   Highpoint 370 software RAID' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ATARAID_HPT 

There's no help for the above (I recall there was in one of the -ac kernels). 
They allow Linux software RAID to do the same thing as the BIOS software RAID 
in those adapters.  Having software RAID in the BIOS match software RAID in 
Linux will solve some boot problems and does offer benefits over a straight 
Linux software RAID solution.  Setting it up properly with the boot loader 
will be tricky though (setting it up to basically boot will be easy).

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