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Re: qmail

Thus spake Pedro Braga, on Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 06:10:16PM +0100:
>     Hello,
> I've Debian 2.2 r3 on my servers and I use sendmail, but I want to try
> "qmail"! I've been on "http://www.qmail.org"; and the ".deb" link  in the
> "top.html" page leads me to "top.html#200101270" instead of the file
> ".deb".
> Q.: is there a deb package with "qmail"?

Yep, a src package:
   qmail-src 1.03-14   (266.2k)
     Source only package for building qmail
     binary package

> I can always get the "tgz" file, but it would me much better the debian
> package... :-)

Blame djb.

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> Pedro Braga
> Eng. Telec./Programador
> http://www.iportalmais.pt

Jose Celestino <japc@co.sapo.pt>
Weekends were made for programming.
- Karl Lehenbauer

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