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Re: bind: changing many serials at once

"Marek L. Kozak" wrote:
> I need to change serials in multiple zone files. All zones will have the
> same new serial.
> I don't want to do it manualy. Simple sed 's/regexp/new_pattern/g' is
> not an option - serials differ. I could write a C program, but I think
> there's some other way.

If you want to use a tool to generate your zone files, try dnstool.
Info is available at 


It consists of perl scripts working on a directory structure. A central 
makefile allows you to regenerate zone files and so to change their
Then copy just the zonefiles you are interested into your dns area. 
That's my way to do it. YMMV.

I find this tool particularly useful for lots of virtual servers as you 
can link domain definitions to prototype files saving a lot of typing.

Dirk Niemeyer

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