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kernel: eth0: Memory squeeze, deferring packet.

Hi all,

On a 2.2.19 kernel box, this happened:

21:30:12 alpha -- MARK --
21:50:11 alpha -- MARK --
22:02:05 alpha kernel: eth0: Memory squeeze, deferring packet.
22:02:05 alpha last message repeated 46 times
22:02:17 alpha netsaint: Warning: fork() in my_system() failed for command
"/usr/lib/netsaint/plugins/check_ping 100 100 5000.0
5000.0 -p1"

and from then on in, all attempts by the server to ping out or do any
outbound transactions fail. Inbound (eg. pinging the server from another
box) also fail. The server however is operating, and one can login from
the console directly.

eth0 is a realtek el-cheapo card (but have run reliabily for over a year).

After a soft reboot all is fine again.

I did a search on google and didn't find much on this. Do you guys have
any experience with this? I think it was doing regular normal traffic
levels before that (no sudden spike apparent in switch mrtg reports).

So, anyone know what caused that, or how it could be prevented?


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