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Re: Fwd: hard drive failure under RAID-1

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001 03:12, WHIRLYCOTT wrote:
> You know, I had software RAID-1 implemented on some 2.2.x box about 2
> years ago using two Western Digital drives until one day, both drives
> failed at the same time.  Apparently, there was some hardware bug
> whereby after ~99 days of uptime, the drives lost power and the
> controller stopped working.


> I had put the two identical drives in after reading some RAID docs
> saying that this was preferable for some kind of undetermined mythical
> reasons related to "being consistent."  But in my case, the risk of a
> hardware bug downing both drives turned out to be what got me.
> Software raid is kind of appealing, but ... not sure I'll go down that
> path again.  I'm using a 3ware controller now.

How will a 3Ware product be better than software RAID in this situation?

IMHO The only real advantage of hardware RAID is for boot devices.  If you 
have software RAID and the first disk totally fails then you can't boot!  But 
if the first disk doesn't totally fail but just gets bad sectors then it can 
probably still load the kernel and then run the software RAID.

I think what we really need is Linux in the BIOS to solve this!

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