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Re: Mailserver with accounts seperated from unix-accounts

You may want to check out the qmail+vmailmgr combination?


On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Erik Tews wrote:

> Hi
> I am currently setting up a debian-box for my school which should act as
> a mailserver too. I would like to have the mail-accounts seperated from
> the normal unix-accounts. Storing them in mysql or postgresql would be
> best, because I don't know much about ldap. But storing them in ldap
> would be ok too. So which software should I set up? I would like to use
> postfix as MTA. But combine it with which imap-server? I have often used
> cyrus which I like very much. I have installed courier too. So which
> solution is good documentated. Or has somebody a setup running with
> postfix and mysql/ldap? All accounts stored in a central seperated
> database is everything I need.

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