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Still Messing With Mail...

Oh Kay...

I've gone back to postfix and courier beacuse every other solution just
didn't seem to work quite right. Since I havn't the time (nor the patiance)
to get a better system in place it's gonna stay this way :)

Hopefully final questions from me about vhost mail:

1. Am I right in setting postfix up this way?
  I currently (and previously) have had to edit the virtual file for every
user then run postmap. I'm going to add this action into an adduser script
but I'm wondering if there isn't a better way to do it.
  I attempted postfix+mysql for mapping but the lack of documentation I
could find just confused the heck outta me.

2. How can I set the users default domain when the send mail via mutt/xmailer?

If there was an anti-mail-admin it would be me.


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