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Re: IMAP mail for heavy users

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Sanjeev Gupta wrote:

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> Hence pointers required:
> 1 
> Should I deliver to maildir?  Will IMAP access be faster in this case, 
> with a few hudred mails and a few hunded MB?
Definitively.. mbox delivery gets very slow as soon as a mailboxes gets to a
few megabyte while maildirs get slow if there are huge amounts of many
small email, (this is filesystem dependent though). So over 3000 emails in
a folder can make the system a bit slower, but mbox would probably slow
to a crawl then.

> 2 
> I like exim, any reason not to use it?
Not sure there, it depends on it's capabilities and if you like it
personally. We are currently switching to postfix, which has some very
nice features (MySQL maps especially) and can deliver to maildirs.

> 3 
> I could deliver to MySQL, which is running on the box, I just don't 
> understand it, and I would like to stick to a known format when 
> something goes wrong.

Generally delivering to databases is bad. you once again gets all mails in
one huge file, and it is much more easy to get corruption of "all" mails
instead of one users mail.

> 4 
> Cyrus? Courier?
Yet again preference.. If you prefer Cyrus and it works for you, use it.
I only know Courier, and it has some nice features, like MySQL lookups of
users, and the pop and imap daemons both use same lookups and directory
structure, which could make your migration easier.
Btw, Postfix and Courier works very nicely together.. :)

> 5 
> What could users use to change their passwords, or vacation messages?  I 
> persume they could use IMP to read and deply while travelling.
> 6 
> And finally: Is there any standard to sync or replicate address books?

Not sure there.. LDAP is a good place to start looking in any case.

> Thanks a ton for reading this.
> --
> Sanjeev Gupta
> PS: Secondary MX available for "personal" domains, I have a LARGE spool 
> disk, and as long as you are up once in a while, I could even bump up 
> the life of mails in spool beyond 5d.  Ditto Primary/Secondary DNS for 
> personal domains of list members.
Roger Abrahamsson

Roger Abrahamsson, Sys/Net Admin, Obbit AB

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