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Re: Process re-owning

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 08:56:20AM +1200, Andrew Davies wrote:
> I've being trying to find out if it is possible to re-own a process after 
> starting it in the background (using &) while in one terminal, then trying 
> to
> re-own it in a new terminal after the previous terminal had closed. I'd 
> like to re-run the process in the foreground, however it doesn't show up in 
> the 'jobs' listing. If I run 'ps aux' the process I'd like to run in the 
> foreground shows up with a '?' under TTY.
> Is there anyway to set the TTY of the '?' process to the port of my 
> terminal?
> Or any way to run this '?' process in the foreground?
> Any help or info whether this is possible would be appreciated as i cant 
> see anything in the bash man or ps man

I'm not too sure what exactly you're trying to do since you don't
mention specifics, but I think you want to install and use the
"screen" program.

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