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Re: Zero quota?

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 10:31:56PM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 12:33, Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> > How do I specify that a user should be allowed to use "0"
> > blocks on some device? AFAIK specifing "0" in edquota means
> > that there should be no limit at all, which is quite the
> > opposite.
> Give them a quota of 1 block and put a 1 block file in a directory they don't 
> have read access to.
> For space savings give their group a 1 block quota and do the same.
Or limit them to one single file, that's just their homedir. As long as they
don't have write access in /home (or whatever the higher directory is),
they won't be able to remove it either.

If they don't have homedirs:
mkdir -p /root/junk
chmod 700 /root/junk
for i in <all users>; do touch /root/junk/$i; chown $i /root/junk/$i; done

The only disadvantage is that you'll have to use one inode per user, but
that might be resolved by using group quotas, as Russel suggested.

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