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postfix + courier-imap + ldap, which local_transport ?


I want postfix to get virtual from ldap (seems to work) but then I want to deliver to courier-imap maildir boxes like /var/spool/mail/$user and I'm getting: unknown user: "proves"

the deliver information is stored on ldap:
	mail: proves@gir.tur.net
	mailRoutingAddress: /var/spool/mail/proves

and I setup main.cf as follows:
	mail_spool_directory = /var/spool/mail
	virtual_maps = ldap:ldapsource
	ldapsource_server_host = is.6tems.com
	ldapsource_server_port = 389
	ldapsource_bind = yes
	ldapsource_bind_dn = cn=Admin,dc=tur,dc=net
	ldapsource_bind_pw = *
	ldapsource_search_base = dc=tur,dc=net
	ldapsource_timeout = 10
	ldapsource_query_filter = (mail=%s)
	ldapsource_result_attribute = mailLocalAddress

as explained on virtual(5) the virtual domain is appended on query_filter (mail) but deliver doesnt' works...

should I use virtual, maildrop or another delivery agent ?

   jaume teixi.

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