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Im trying to manage my bandwidth....but machines dont cooperate with us
ever....why is that.....its depressing....:(...

On to business:
sch_cbq.o wont load on 2.2.19 and i need to use it as stated in the
advanced routing howto....

in trying to insmod sch_cbq.o, the module crashes on broken dependencies

/lib/modules/2.2.19/misc/sch_cbq.o: unresolved symbol

This obviously prevents me from useing tc qdisk dev eth0 root etc, etc,

So, any ideas, thoughts, jokes or even help on the matter????

I actually could live with shaper.o and shapecfg, but i tried useing it
and dumped it because it refuses to play fine with the debian
/etc/network/interfaces, its not really documented or anything and im
not shure how to set up the routes.....but if you have any ideas on this
one too, id appreciate it and send you all my love in a letter, sealed
with a kiss (if ur a girrrrrl -okay, thats not likely).....


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