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Re: VHost/hosting Administration System

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001 12:22:47 -0400
"A.Sleep" <a.sleep@asleep.net> wrote:

> I've found a few 'control panel' or 'vhosting administration' systesm
> out
> there but they have two major flaws.
> I've always done vhosting/virt-users admin by hand but this is getting
> quite
> tedious.
> If anyone has any hints as to a mail-admin system or complete control
> system
> please send `em my way.
> I'm currently using postfix but I have seen there will be many more
> options
> if I use Qmail (this may or may not be true).

I suggest using vpopmail in combination with qmailadmin; which I've used
successfully in several production environments... You can even use
vpopmail in combination with postfix...

vpopmail: http://inter7.com/vpopmail
qmailadmin: http://inter7.com/qmailadmin

vpopmail can use several types of databases to store the user information,
including, but not limited to, mysql and LDAP...



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