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Re: can you please help

Okay, here is how i do it:
Take squid, tell it to log in web server format (real easy)
Take webalizer, tell it to analize /var/log/squid/access.log (real easy)
Play with webmin.conf and put webmin in a crontab
There is also a log analizer module for squid in webmin, check that out


Thats it

On Thu, 2001-09-13 at 13:52, Shah, Parag wrote:
> hi I have the same problem that you had a long while ago, I need to place a
> squid on to a Linux box
> I need it to produce some statistics e.g.
> Who is surfing how much?
> Where is he going too?
> Who is going to this site?
> please please please could you possible help me, i've you have managed to
> your one up and running
> yours gratefully,
> Parag Shah 
> Health Informatics Information Analyst 
> Brent & Harrow Health Authority 
> Email: parag.shah@bah-ha.nthames.nhs.uk 
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