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Re: WTC Tragedy


Following Peter's lead, I have a lightly loaded server in Central US.  I can
provide secondary MX, with long spool timeouts.  Please mail me, I will add
your domain, no strings, no obligations.

Offer also available on a long-time basis to guys with low loads who are on
this list for "private" domains.


Sanjeev Gupta

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From: "Peter Billson" <pete@elbnet.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 1:32 AM
Subject: WTC Tragedy

>   If any of you - or know anyone who does - need any assitence due to
> the attacks in the US, please contact me.
>   ELB is available to provide bandwidth, mail, DNS, site mirrors, DNS,
> or whatever let us know. We will do anything we can to help... and
> before you flame me we are talking about FREE assistance, not an effort
> to drum up business.
> Pete
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